Buddharaksa rooms

vacancy : 2 rooms


Three private rooms are available for rent just in front of the temple Wat Sanghathan. These rooms are the perfect accommodation if you like to join the meditation practice at Wat Sanghathan with only five precepts. They are also convenient if you like some quite time for yourself in a green area just outside downtown Bangkok. Downtown Bangkok is only 30 minutes away by express boat from Wat Kien Pier or Nonthaburi  Pier.


Every room has its own private bathroom, terrace and balcony.


For more information, checking vacancy or booking a room  please call Puky at +66 (0) 8905 00052 or  +66 (0) 840066080 or email to vimokkha@hotmail.com





















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*Room Rental Costs*


300 Baht for less than 7 nights


250 Baht up to 14 nights


200 Baht For 15 nights or more


***Deposit of luggage 10 Baht a day