List of Pali Words:


Ājiva-pārisuddhi-sīla: Discipline concerning your livelihood.

Ānāpāna-sati: Meditation on the breathing.

Anattā: Not-self, egolessness.

Anicca: Impermanence.

Arahat or Arhat: An enlightened being.

Avijjā: Ignorance

Citta: Mind, conscious.

Dhamma: The teachings of the Buddha.                          

Ditthi-visuddhi: Purification of view

Dukkha: Suffering.

Indriya: Here it refers to the five spiritual faculties. (Confidence, energy, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom)

Indriya-samvara-sīla: Discipline with regard to the senses.      

Jhāna: Mental absorption, deep concentration.

Kankhā-vitarana-visuddhi: Purification by overcoming doubt.

Karma or kamma): The law of cause and effect.

Kāyānupassanā: Contemplation on the body

Khandha-māra: The devil of the aggregates.

Khandha: Aggregates for existence (Body, feeling, perception, mind-objects and consciousness)

Kilesa: Defilement of the mind.

Kilesa-māra: The devil of defilement.

Magga: The way, the path.

Magga-citta: Pure consciousness.

Maggāmagga-ñānadassana-visuddhi: Purification by knowledge of what is the path and what is not the path

Majjhima-patipadā: The middle way.

Mantra: Sound, word(s), used as object for meditation.

Māra: The Buddhist 'Tempter'. The Evil One. The devil.

Maya: Illusion.

Moha: Delusion.       

Nāma and rūpa: Mind and matter.

Nāma-rūpa-parichedda-ñāna: Knowledge of mind and matter, and its inter-relation.

Ñāna: Knowledge

Nibbāna: (Nirvana) Enlightenment

Pañca-sīla: Five moral rules for laymen.

Paññā: Wisdom

Paramita: Perfection

Paccaya-sannissita-sīla: Discipline concerning the environment.

Pāthimokkha-samvara-sīla: Discipline concerning behaviour.

Pattipadā-ñānadassana-visuddhi: The purification by knowledge of the path-progress.

Rūpa: corporeality or matter. See also nāma

Sakkāya-ditthi: The belief in self

Samādhi: Concentration.

Samatha: Concentration-meditation

Samma-..: (right-…)See the fourth discourse.

Sammasana-ñāna: Knowledge of the three characteristics of existence: Anicca, anattā and dukkha

Samsāra: Round of rebirth.

Sangha: The community of monks and of followers of the teachings of the Buddha.

Sankhara: Mental formations.

Sankhārupekkhā-ñāna: The stage of awareness of indifference about your conditions.

Sati: mindfulness.

Satipatthāna: mindfulness on the four foundations.

Sīla: Discipline.

Suññatā: Emptiness, voidness.

Upāsaka sīla: The eight rules for upāsaka (lay-followers).

Vedanā: Feeling, a foundation for mindfulness.

Vedanānupassana: Contemplating on the feeling

Vipassanā: Insight.

Visuddhi: Purification.