Wat Pa Namtok Khemmako

Address :T. Wang Kan, A. Dan Chang, Ch. Suphanburi  72180


Telephone : 081- 9812587, 087-1561834


Email : cheemarie@yahoo.com, vimokkha@hotmail.com



Location: Wat Pa Namtok, translated as the Forest Waterfall Temple, has rocky forest with bamboo and leafy trees in a quiet surrounding between hills. There is a huge lake and a big cave nearby.

Although it is a young temple, the buildings are large and well built, because it was the last abode of a great Saint meditation master, Luang Pu Sangvahn. This master who practiced Samatha-Vipassana in the Thai–Forest tradition passed away in 2003 and as a sign of his attainment his body still has not deteriorated to this day.

Now the temple is inhabited by 10-15 monks and 15-20 nuns. One senior foreign nun is permanently resident and one foreign monk stays on his own in the forest near the cave.


Directions :

From Bangkok take the mini bus to Dan Chang. It departs from the gasoline station beside Central Phra Pinklao Shopping Mall. (the mini bus may take 2-3 hr)


At Dan Chang from the same place where the mini bus stops take the bus to Ban Rai. After 15-20 minutes the bus will pass by the entrance to Wat Pa Namtok. The bus driver will let you off if he knows you want to go to Wat Pa Namtok. At this point it is about 15-20 minutes walk to the Wat. ( if you telephone before coming the car from the Wat can probably collect you from Dan Chang)


Meditation System : Theravada-Buddhism in the Thai-Forest

Tradition, Samatha-Vipassana. We practice the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, the body contemplation and mindfulness of breathing.


There are foreigners coming throughout the year to do silent Retreats on their own. The minimum time you should give is seven days of practice. There is interview in English and German available, guided meditation for groups as well as books, tapes and cds with English Dhamma. In these silent retreats Mae Chee Maria, a German nun who has been practicing in Thailand for 15 years, will guide your meditation and look after you. On a regular basis about once per month we invite a noble senior monk Luang Pu Boonyalit to give a group retreat. The date for this you find in the actual news about retreats (see website).


Schedule :

If you join the daily life schedule :


04.00 Morning Chanting followed by 1 hr sitting meditation

09.00 Taking food at the buffet and the temple serves you one meal per day

but you’re allow to separate into 2 meals.

15.00 1 hr group cleaning work

19.00  - 21.00 Chanting and meditation


The time intervals are filled with individual practice of walking and sitting meditation.


If you do a silent retreat :

You don’t join the group activities. We will work out together your own daily schedule. The only thing is to take food at 9 o’clock.


If you join the special group retreat :

05.00 Short chanting and guided meditation until 07.00

08.30 Take breakfast at the buffet. After breakfast have your own time.

11.30 Take lunch at the buffet

14.00 Walking meditation

15.00 - 18.00 Group meditation in air condition hall together

 with Ven. Boonyalit

18.00 – 20.00 (resting time / individual practice))

20.00 – 23.00 Group meditation in air condition hall together

 with Ven. Boonyalit



Things to bring: a flashlight, insect repellant ,a warm jacket or shawl. During colder season a sleeping bag is recommended. During the Retreat we wear white clothes, which cover arms and legs.


Rules: Meditators are expected to keep the 5 or 8 precepts. Any other rules can be explained on arrival.


Accomodation: There are individual huts available. If these become full meditators share a large hall, male and females in separate halls.