The duties husbands have to wives:


There are five essential duties a husband should embrace to in order to serve his wife properly and appropriately:

    1. By honoring her

    2. By being thoughtful, caring and well-mannered toward her

    3. By being faithful and devoted to her

    4. by jointly sharing authority over their possessions

    5. By providing her with cosmetics, ornaments, perfumes, etc.



The duties wives have to husbands:


There are five essential duties a wife should embrace to in order to serve her husband   properly and appropriately:

  1. She should look after the house in an orderly, clean and efficient manner
  2. She should be welcoming, hospitable and helpful to friends and relations of both hers and his
  3. She should be faithful and devoted to him
  4. She should take good care of the things belonging to her home
  5. She should be skillful, attentive and productive in taking care of her duties



The 6 ways monks care for lay people:


  1. They endeavor to hold people back from unskillful activities
  2. They encourage them to do good
  3. They send them loving-kindness
  4. They teach them skillful and profound things they have never heard before
  5. They correct and clarify their thinking
  6. They point the way to reined levels of Happiness