Soon after the Enlightment

1- What did the Buddha utter soon after His Enlightenment?
He uttered a Paean of Joy (Udana).

2- Recite His first Paean of Joy?
- Thro'many a birth in Samsara wandered I,
- Seeking, but not finding, the builder of this house.
- Sorrowful is repeated birth.
- O house-builder ! Thou art seen.
- All thy rafters are broken thy ridgepole is shattered.
- The mind attains the unconditioned.
- Achieved is the end of craving.*

*Udana in Pali :
Anekajati samsaram sandhavissam
anibbisam Gahakarakam bavesanto
dukkha jati punapunam Gahakaraka dittho'
si puna geham na kahasi
Sabba te phasuka bhagga
gahakatam visamkhitam Vesamkharagatam
cittam tanhanam khayamajjhaga.

3- How did the Buddha live soon after the Enlightenment?
The Buddha fasted for seven weeks.
(Christ fasted for forty days)

4- Did he feel hungry?
No, He was enjoying Nibbanic bliss.

5- How did He spend the first week?
Throughout the first week He sat under the Bodhi Tree enjoying the Bliss of Freedom.

6- What did He do on the seventh day?
He meditated on the "Wheel of Life" (Paticcasamuppada).

7- How did He spend the second week?
He stood at a certain distance gazing at the Bodhi Tree with motionless eyes.
(On the spot where the Buddha stood a Chedi has been erected by King Dharmasoka [King Asoka]. This was named Animisalocana Chedi and is still to be seen in Bodhgaya, India.)

8- Why did He do so?
He did so as a mark of gratitude to the tree.

9- In what way was the Bodhi Tree helpful to the Buddha?
The Tree gave Him shelter during His struggle for Buddhahood.

10- What was the first lesson the Buddha taught to the world?
The great lesson of Gratitude.

11- How did He spend the third week?
He walked up and down a promenade (Ratana Camkamana) practicing Walking Meditation.

12- How did He spend the fourth week?
Sitting in a chamber, He meditated on the Higher Dhamma (Abhidhamma).

13- How did He spend the fifth week?
He sat under the Ajapala Banyan tree.

14- Who came to tempt him at this time?
The three daughters of Mara came to tempt Him.

15- Mention their names.
Tanha, Arati and Raga.

16- Could they tempt Him?
They couldn't because this happened after the Enlightenment.

17- Where did He spend the sixth week?
Under the Mucalinda tree.

18- What happened during this week?
It rained heavily and a serpent king sheltered Him.

19- What happened on the 50th day?
Two merchants named Tapassu and Bhallika offered Him dried flour and honey.

20- What did they do after the Dana?
They sought refuge in the Buddha and the Dhamma.

21- How did they seek refuge?
By reciting Buddham saranam gacchami, Dhammam saranam gacchami.

22- Why didn't they seek refuge in the Sangha?
Because there was no Sangha then.

23- Did they want anything from the Buddha?
Yes, they wanted something to worship.

24- What did the Buddha give them?
The Buddha touched His head and gave them some hair relic.

25- Where are they enshrined now?
They are enshrined in the Shve Dagon Pagoda in Rangoon.

26- Who were the first Upasakas of the Buddha?
Tapassu and Bhallika were the first Upasakas.

27-Who is an Upasaka?
An Upasaka is a lay follower of the Buddha.