Aham sukhito homi                           May I be happy,

Niddukkho homi                                may I be from suffering,

Avero homi                                         may I be free from enmity,

Aroko homi                                         may I be free from illness,

Abyapajjho homi                                may I be free from malice,

Anigho homi                                       may I be free from suffering of body and mind,

Sukhi attanam pariharami                may I protect my own well-being. 


Sabbe Satta                                       Whatever beings there are,

Sukita hontu                                      may they be happy,

Niddukkha hontu                              may they be free from suffering,

Avera hontu                                       may they be free from enmity,

Aroka hontu                                       may they be free from illness,

Abyapajjha hontu                             may they be free from malice,

Anigha hontu                                     may they be free from suffering of body and mind,                   

Sukhi attanam pariharantu             may they protect their own well-being.