The five grasped - at groups are suffering:
Rupupadanakkhando - the grasped-at group of the body
Vedanupadanakkhando - the grasped-at group of feeling
Sannupadanakkhando - the grasped-at group of perception
Sankharupadanakkhando - the grasped-at group of mental formation
Vinnanupadanakkhando - the grasped-at group of consciousness

The Buddha taught:
Rupam aniccam - the body is impermanent
Vedana aniccam - feelings are impermanent
Sanna aniccam - perception is impermanent
Sankhara aniccam - mental formations are impermanent
Vinnanam aniccam - consciousness is impermanent

Rupam anatta - body is not self
Vedana anatta - feeling is not self
Sanna anatta - perception is not self
Sankhara anatta - mental formation is not self
Vinnanam anatta - consciousness is not self

All conditioned Phenomena are impermanent, all Dhammas are not self!