First Day

13.00 a.m.       The Bus leaves Wat Sanghathan for Khao Yai Meditation Center.
19.00 p.m.       Taking the precepts. After the Meditator will be introduced into the practise of the "Four Foundations of Mindfulness" followed by Meditation.

Second Day until Sixth Day

03.30 a.m.       The bell is rung.
04.00 a.m.       Morning Chanting followed by Meditation.
06.00 a.m.       Breakfast
06.30 a.m.       Walking Meditation in the Park until 07.30 a.m.

Time to do one's own personal duties.

09.30 a.m.       Pick up food at the Buffet. The Meditator eat together mindfully.
12.30 p.m.      Chanting followed by Meditation until 15.00 p.m.
Time to rest.
16.30 p.m.      Walking Meditation until 17.30 p.m.
There are afternoon drinks prepared.
Time to rest.
19.30 p.m.      Evening Chanting followed by Meditation until 21 p.m.

Last Day

04.00 a.m.       Morning Chanting followed by Meditation. After the Meditator 'returns' the eight precepts.
06.00 a.m.       Breakfast. After you can prepare your belongings and clean up your room.
09.00 a.m.       Meeting at the Hall. There will be a giving ceremony. Those who want to give a donation can do this there.
10.00 a.m.       We take a meal together followed by a Dhammatalk given by the teacher. After this everyone can plant a tree in the Center.
12.00 a.m.      Everyone can join a trip to the Highlights of the Khao Yai Nationalpark.

After the Bus returns to Wat Sanghathan.