The Sixty Arahats

Who was the sixth disciple of the Buddha?
Yasa, a rich man's son was His sixth disciple.

How was he converted?
Disliking the world, he ran away from his house at night without informing anyone. Meeting the Buddha, he heard the Dhamma and became an Arahat.

What happened to his father?
His father became the first lay follower (Upasaka) who sought refuge in the Triple Gem.

What happened to his mother and wife?
They became the Buddha's first Upasikas who sought refuge in the triple Gem.

Had Yasa any friends?
He had fiftyfour noble friends.

Were they also converted?
Yes, they too heard the Dhamma and became Arahats.

How many Arahats were there in the world then besides the Buddha?
There were altogether sixty arahats in the world.

Did the Buddha found any new Order?
With these sixty Arahats the Buddha founded the Noble Order of the Sangha.

What was the Buddha's advice to them?
"Go forth, O Bhikkhus, for the good of the many. Preach the Dhamma for the happiness of the many. Proclaim the Holy life."