Buddha's Supporters

Who helped the Buddha to make His mission a success ?
Kings and millionaires helped Him.
Who were His Royal Patrons ?
King Bimbisara, King Kasala, King Ajatasattu.
Who was His chief male supporter (Dayaka) ?
Anathapindika the millionaire.
Did he offer the Buddha a monastery ?
He offered Jetavanarama.
Who was His chief female supporter (Dayika) ?
Visakha, a very generous lady.
What was the name of the temple she offered ?
In which monasteries did the Buddha spend most of His time ?
In Jetavanarama and Pubbarama at Savatthi.
Are their ruins still to be seen ?
Their ruins can still be seen at Sahet-Mahet.
What was the Buddha's last advice ?
Strive with diligence.
Mention it in Pali.
Appamadena sampadetha.
What did the Buddha say with regard to the best form of worship ?
The Buddha said: "Those honour me who practice my teaching".
Who gave the Buddha's last meal ?
Cunda the smith.
What were the most meritorious meals given to the Buddha ?
The first meal before he became a Buddha and the last meal before He passed away.
Who was the Buddha's last disciple ?
The ascetic Subhadda was the last disciple.
Did the Buddha appoint a successor before He passed away ?
No, He advised His disciples to regard His Teaching as their teacher.
How did the Buddha pass away ?
He attained to Jhana and passed away without any sorrow.
Where did the Buddha pass away ?
The Buddha passed away at Kusinara.
In which year did He pass away ?
In His 80th year.
On what fullmoon day ?
On the Vesak Fullmoon day.
How many years before Christ did the Buddha pass away ?
543 years before Christ.
Can we see the Buddha today ?
Yes. The buddha says "He who sees the Dhamma sees me".
What was done to His sacred body ?
His sacred body was cremated 7 days after His death.
What happened to His relics ?
They were distributed among His distinguished followers.
Are these relics still to be seen ?
Yes. The Tooth Relic is still to be seen at the Temple of the Tooth in Ceylon.
Did any important event take place after the cremation ?
Four months after the cremation the First Council was held to recite the Dhamma and the Vinaya of the Buddha.
Where was this Council held ?
This Council was held at Rajagaha.
Who presided at the First Council ?
Arahat Kassapa.
Who was chosen to recite the Vinaya and the Dhamma ?
Arahat Upali for the Vinaya and Arahat Ananda for the Dhamma.
Why was this Council held ?
In order that the Teaching of the Buddha may last long in all its purity.
What is the Pali word for the whole Teaching of the Buddha ?
Tripitaka, which means Three Baskets.
Does this Tripitaka still exist ?
Yes. The Tripitaka still exists in its purity.
When was the Tripitaka written first ?
The Tripitaka was written first in Ceylon about B.E.434.
What is the First Pitaka ?
The First is the Vinaya Pitaka - the Basket of Discipline.
What is the second Pitaka ?
The second is the Sutta Pitaka - the Basket of Discourses.
What is the third Pitaka ?
The third is the Basket of Ultimate Things - the Abhidhamma Pitaka.
How big is the Tripitaka ?
It is about eleven times the size of the Bible.
How does one become a Buddhist ?
One becomes a Buddhist by taking the Three Refuges.
What are the Three Refuges ?
The Three Refuges are the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha.
What is the Pali word for the Three Refuges ?
Tisarana is the Pali word for the Three Refuges.
Who is the Buddha ?
The Buddha is the All-Knowing One.
Why do you seek refuge in the Buddha ?
I seek refuge in the Buddha because He taught us the way to end all suffering.
Is Buddha your teacher ?
Yes, the Buddha is our greatest Teacher.
What is the Dhamma ?
The Dhamma is the Doctrine taught by the Buddha.
Why do you seek refuge in the Dhamma ?
I seek refuge in the Dhamma because it is the only path to end all suffering.
Who is the Sangha ?
The Sangha is the Holy Order founded by the Buddha.
Why do you seek refuge in the Sangha ?
I seek refuge in the Sangha because they are the Holy disciples who have understood the Dhamma.