In Thailand traditionally a Buddhist temple is also a social Institution. In former times young children could study only in the temple - there were no schools. Monks were able to study reading and writing and passed that knowledge on to their students. In these days still many temples provide opportunities for children to study.


Another social support temples give is that they provide a place for elderly people to spend their old age in a temple, living with monks and nuns, pracitising meditation, doing their chantings. Most of the elderly people do not recieve support from social welfare, so they depend on their families. In former times elderly people could stay with their families and were taken care of by the younger generations respectfully. Nowadays the younger people tend to move to big cities like Bangkok, leaving the elder ones behind in the countryside. There are more and more of them who have no one to take care of them in their old age.

There are still many poor people in Thailand who cannot afford to buy a coffin for their dead relatives and people die who have no relatives.'Vimokkha Social Projects' intend to offer coffins to those who need them. You could help with your donation.

Another project is the nuns community. Although most of the strict forest-tradition temples in Thailand mainly ordain only monks and novices Wat Sanghathan provides place for more than hundred nuns to practise and study the Buddhist teaching. Some do not have much support from their families. We would like to help those who need support that they are able to continue their practise and study.

To support these projects any donation is welcome.


Ven. Ajhan Sanong of Wat Sanghathan
is planning to build a small hospital (see picture) and a school for small children. This should help people of
Nonthaburi Province to have free medical treatment and education for small children.

Another social project of the Ven. Ajhan Sanong Katapunyo is the protection of the
Thai forests (see: Keep the forests)


If you want to support these projects please contact:
Vimokkha Social Project
Luangphor Sanong Katapunyo (The Abbot)
Wat Sanghathan
Bang Pai
Nonthaburi 11000
Email :


Wat Phra Baht Nam Phu

The Buddhist temple that cares for full-blown AIDS patients


Dr Alongkot Dikkapanyo a monk is helping AIDS infected people in the last state of their illness. Meanwhile there are 10.000 patients for whom Luang Phor Dikkapanyo and his helpers do take care.  Your help will be very much appreciated. Please send donations to the Account of Wat Phra Baht Nam Phu. More informations under:


AIDS temple in Thailand